Officers and Directors
President — Miriam Barkus
Vice President & Acting Secretary — Dennis Cardinale
Treasurer — Liliana Ribero
Training Director — Miriam Barkus

President and Training Director — Miriam Barkus

Miriam and Remo
Miriam Barkus first began working with dogs as a teenager. She owned her first German Shepherd, which she trained in obedience and protection, at age 19, and has been importing and breeding German Shepherds since 1972. Miriam has trained, shown, and consulted in a variety of disciplines, and has received many honors.

Miriam, a Certified Training Director for DVG (an all-breed training organization), serves on the Board of Directors of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America Working Dog Association, and is the GSDCA-WDA Regional Director for the Southeastern part of the United States. She has served as President of the Broward Schutzhund Club for the past 15 years.

She has received the Bronze, Silver and Gold Sportsmedals from TWO German organizations: the DVG and the VDH. She has represented the United States on three World Cup Teams: in 1990 to Belgium, in 1996 to Finland, and 1997 to Switzerland. She has won the Schutzhund 3 National Championship (the highest level of competition) in 1996, and was second in 1997. She has competed in dozens of national championships, and was one of only 10 handler/trainers to be invited to demonstrate Schutzhund at the German Shepherd Dog Club of America National Specialty Show in Perry, Georgia on 2001, and again in 2002. Miriam and her dog Remo represented the United States in the Pan American Championship in November, 2004, one of only 3 teams asked. She came in 2nd Place for the Championship with High Protection (98 points), and was high scoring American team. They also won the the 2005 WDA North American National Championship with High Protection (97 points) and the 2005 WDA Universal Sieger with High Protection (96 points).

Miriam started training Service Dogs for people with balance problems and Psychiatric Service Dogs in the 1980’s while President of Tamarac Kennels. She established a national and international reputation for evaluating, selecting and overseeing the training of explosive detection, narcotic detection, and patrol dogs.

Her love is helping people find the right dog for their needs, and testing, training, and “fine tuning” either their own dog or providing one, in particular for use as a Service Dog.

Miriam and her husband live in Davie, Florida on 10 acres, with a complete dog training field, at which the Broward Schutzhund Club meets. Aside from their German Shepherds, they also have a dog they rescued (a “little bit of everything" dog) since neither of them will pass a dog about to be hit by a car or starving. Miriam’s Philosophy: If you don’t rescue, you shouldn’t breed!

As it was during the years she had a radio program on dogs, her major theme remains the responsibilities of dog owners.

A message from Miriam as Training Director:

My training philosophy centers about 'Miriam's Rules' :

  1. Clarity. The dog (and handler!) must always understand what is expected of them.
  2. Consistency. One cannot jump back and forth with what is expected of the dog; or, for that matter, between methods.
  3. Fairness. This is interwoven with the first two rules. Seen far less frequently in dog training than people realize.
Keeping these rules in mind, we feel that our club and training should first and foremost promote the bond between dog and owner, and be fun for both!

People sometimes forget that training takes time. While obtaining titles is certainly part of our goal, the actual process of training and learning for both dog and handler should be fulfilling in itself.

Please remember that every dog is unique; and training will be modified for each dog. I feel excited that we are going to find out your dog's particular strengths and weaknesses together. We will try to develop the potential of both dog and handler. We will try to honestly assess each dog's potential, and work within that framework. We will not try to push any dog beyond his limits.

Hopefully the joy of working together with your dog, seeing him reach his potential, and receiving the love and gratitude that your dog gives you, will make your club experience one of the truly enjoyable and rewarding times of your life.

Vice President & Acting Secretary— Dennis Cardinale

Dennis and Lucas
Dennis is an engineer and small business owner from Plantation, Florida. While involved in the sport of Schutzhund only since 2005, he grew up with German Shepherds, and has owned them most of his adult life.

Dennis is highly dedicated to the quality and growth of the Broward Schutzhund Club, and to its membership. He helps to organize and promote the club and club functions, activities, and events. He is also the host and webmaster of the Broward Schutzhund Club Website.

Dennis, and his puppy Lucas, regularly attend our Saturday Obedience and Protection training sessions, in addition to tracking three days a week. Tracking is Dennis' favorite dicipline, and is quick to help new members teach their dogs to track. He is also the club's "unofficial" track layer, often laying tracks for our more experienced dogs.

A message from Dennis:

In July 2004, Starsky, my 10 1/2 year old German Shepherd, died of spleen cancer. Throughout his life, he was a wonderful friend and companion to me and my wife. When he died, I couldn't help but feel guilty that I did not spend enough time with him. I swore I would never feel that way again.

When I purchased my puppy Marcus, I learned about Schutzhund for the first time. I promptly joined the Broward Schutzhund Club, and Marcus and I participated in every event we could. Boy, was he a great tracker!

Unfortunately, Marcus died at 7 1/2 months old from a heart defect. Yes, it was a terribly sad event, but this time, I was comforted by the knowledge that Marcus lived a life full of fun and activity, and, most importantly, there was no guilt!

Subsequently, when I got Lucas, I rededicated myself to Schutzhund, simply because it is fantastic excuse for me to spend time with my dog and build our relationship.

Treasurer — Liliana Ribero

Liliana, Tsuki & Eiko
Liliana is a transplanted Colombian attorney living in South Florida since 1991 and working in the always exciting Real Estate Industry.

Her love for German Shepherds started with her first GSD when she was 16 in Colombia and has not stopped since.

Liliana and her husband Jorge have been members of the Broward Schutzhund Club since 2008