In Loving Memory of
V. Natt von der Kine
SchH3, IPO 3, Korklasse 1 Lebenzeit
March 13, 1995 — Oct 26, 2006

Owned, Shown, and Loved by Miriam Barkus. Natt was in many trials with Miriam, including a number of Nationals of all three Schutzhund Organizations. For a while, there were tracking problems due to a wrong approach in his training. But once Natt turned around, he came in 16th in USA Nationals, and was putting down fabulous scores (e.g. 97=95=99, 291 V) when a bad catch in a courage test at a WDA Nationals ended his career forever. He spent his last few years as a beloved member of Ivana and Harry Ruffner's family. Natt will never be forgotten.

Miriam Barkus
December 1, 2006

In Loving Memory of
Donna Malce
December 19, 1941 — April 24, 2006

Donna Malce was a Broward Schutzhund Club Member, although she lived in Connecticut. She was an outstanding trainer and behaviorist, who had finally become fascinated with Schutzhund, and decided that her best friend, Miriam, was, naturally, in the best club!!!! She is sorely missed.

Miriam Barkus
August 14, 2006

In Loving Memory of
Marcus von Grum Majestat
May 31, 2005 — January 14, 2006

Marcus died suddenly on Saturday evening, January 14, 2006 in our home. He was a wonderful tracker, well on his way to being a great Schutzhund dog. We loved him dearly, and he will be sorely missed by me, my wife, and all the wonderful members of the Broward Schutzhund Club. Thank you for all your support and best wishes.

Dennis Cardinale
January 17, 2006