Welcome to the Broward Schutzhund Club

We are an all-breed Schutzhund Club located in Davie, Florida, open to both novice and experienced dogs and owners. Our dogs range from puppies to SchH3 titled champions.

The Broward Schutzhund Club is dedicated to:

  • Building strong relationships between dogs and their owners
  • Making training fun for the dogs and their owners
  • Maximizing our dogs' potentials while recognizing their limits
  • Appreciating each dog's abilities, and fine tuning a training regimen specific to those abilities
  • Presenting seminars and continuing education for our members
  • Creating a safe, pleasant, and sociable environment for training our dogs
  • Hosting club trials for members to have a convienient venue to title their dogs

We do not allow cruelty or abuse to dogs.

While the sport of Schutzhund involves three diciplines (tracking, obedience, and protection), some of our members limit their activities to obedience and/or tracking. This enables dogs of all breeds to participate in club activities and members to title their dogs.

Our club meets Saturday afternoons for Obedience, Sunday mornings for Tracking, and Thursday afternoons for Protection. If you are interested in joining us for any of these activites, please contact us.

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