Broward Schutzhund Club Demos at Pioneer Days

Dennis & Lucas
The organizers of Palm Beach "Pioneer Days" featured a demonstration from the Broward Schutzhund Club as one of its main events, and were quite pleased with the presentation, which proved educational and fun for spectators, handlers and dogs.

The venue was near a bandstand with a live band, and spectators at tables all around. There was no field, or fenced area, so our entire event was at close range!

Miriam & Remo
For the Tracking demonstration, Dennis Cardinale faced conditions that few experienced Schutzhund 3 dog handlers would have agreed to; but his not quite 8 month old pup Lucas thought it was a breeze. The track was laid on an area that was a main pathway in and out of the fair, that hundreds of people had walked on all day. But much to Dennis' surprise, Lucas aced it, with spectators sitting around not 12 feet away!

Mark & Rocky
Miriam Barkus and Remo did the first obedience demonstration, heeling in and out of picnic tables, stopping for children to pet Remo occasionally. But Remo's focus was on Miriam! Then just when everyone was convinced this sweet dog wouldn't hurt a fly, out came Mark LaPadura for a surprise attack on Miriam and Remo, and the crowd saw first hand what a dual personality dog is all about. The interaction with the spectators, hands-on interaction, did a great deal to foster good feelings about our sport.

Mark LaPadura borrowed a dog from Miriam, Rocky, and showed the crowd more obedience, with style and flair.

All told, a very successful event for our club as well as great public relations for our sport.